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31 Jul 2015, 10:22 am

Tuesday, July 28, 2015 - 01:13 AM by Salient

General Announcements

Mark your Calendar for the third Virtual Conclave on the GSW virtual campus!!Greyschool's 11th Birthday!!

Schedule of events

**All times are in GSW (Pacific Standard) Time!

Friday, July 31st, 6-10pm

6-7: Grand Opening, Introductions, and Welcome @ Hobbit Hall (Main Campus – Lower Courtyard)

7-8: Campus Guided Tour – opening of Lodges & Departmental Levels @ Main Campus

8-9: Lodge Gatherings & Discussions @ your Lodge (Student meet-ups & planning your Lodge)

9-10: Bardic Circle @ the Moon (Red Teleport Pad from OzMeade)


Saturday, August 1st, 5am – 10pm

5-6: Sabbat Down Under – “All about Candlemas” @ Library (Main Floor Dolobran Hall)

6-7: Sabbat Down Under – “Candle Magick” @ Library

8-9: ~Break for Food~

9-10: Sabbat Up Over – “All about Lughnassad” @ Library

10-11: Introduction to Geomancy @ Gryphon Classroom (2nd Floor Dolobran Hall)

12-1: Introduction to Qabalah @ Gryphon Classroom (2nd Floor Dolobran Hall)

1-2: Ceremonials “Level-ups, Student of the Year, Teacher of the Year, Luminary of the Year” @ Hobbit Hall (Main Campus – Lower Courtyard)

2-3: The Wizard’s Kit @ A Gathering Place (Lifeways Dept.)

3-4: Beach Party @ OzMeade Beach (SW corner of OzMeade Level by the Bay)

5-6: ~Break for Food~ (DJ Set-Up)

6—8: GSW Birthday Dance @ Wizard’s Keep //(Faculty Meeting in Psyche Lodge)

8-9: Discussion “Building OzMeade & personal spaces” @ OzMeade

9-10: (optional) Wiccan Lughnassad Ritual @ Elemental Ritual Circle (CM Dept.)


Sunday, August 2nd, 8am – 3:30pm

8-9: (optional)Christian Worship Service @ Chapel (CM Dept.)

9-10: Discussion “Comparative Religions” @ CM Classroom(CM Dept.)

10-11: Introduction to Secret Societies @ CM Classroom (CM Dept.)

11-12: Order of the Beaver – “Kittens to Branch Gatherers” @ Student Union (Main Floor Dolobran Hall)

12-1: Quidditch Game “Faculty vs. Students” @ Quidditch Pitch

1-2: Special Party for our new "Junior" Lodge members to vGSW @ The Moon

2-3: Quidditch Game “Waters vs. Stones” @ Quidditch Pitch

3pm – Evaluations, Discussion about next Conclave, End of this Conclave

Anyone attending all three days and at least half the events each day, will earn the GSW Conclave Patch for their Regalia too, just like a real conclave.If you haven't done the vGSW orientation class or just halfway through it, what are you waiting for??? It can be finished within a week, so there's time!!! We hope to see you all there!!

Friday, July 10, 2015 - 08:49 AM by Salient

General Announcements

After some technical difficulties, we are now finally proud to bring you the latest Issue of Grey Matters #3 for the Litha/Yule Season!!


This is some awesome work by our Grey Matters staff!!  Be sure to congratulate them on their work and enjoy!!


Sunday, May 03, 2015 - 10:28 PM by Salient

General Announcements

Yes!!  We have now been able to upload the new "Issue #2: Beltane/Samhain" Issue of the new Grey Matters!

It is available in the downloads section of the main account page here:

Fantastic work by one and all on the Grey Matters staff!!!  Well done indeed!!

Sunday, April 26, 2015 - 06:23 PM by Salient

General Announcements

Yes!!  We will be having our second 'virtual' conclave on the new campus next weekend!!

The "Wheel of the Year" is often divided into eight.  Two Equinoxes - The end/beginning of terms here at GSW, Two Solstices - The longest Day/Night of the year, and then the 4 Cross-Quarters in between each of these.  This is a pattern both of nature and cosmology, and times of the year often worship by many native traditions.  In this spirit, we too shall start to celebrate these times in the virtual campus with a weekend of fellowship, workshops, classes and events!

This Cross-Quarter Virtual Conclave will be salute to both "Beltaine" in the Northern hemisphere - a sign of the fertility of Spring, the union of opposites and re-birth, as well as "Samhain" in the Southern Hemisphere, a sign of the Last Harvests, rememberence of loved ones lost, veneration of ancestors and the acceptance of Death and Dying.

If you haven't been to the virtual campus in a while, please come by and attend what you can!  Everyone over 16 is welcome to attend! (Per Linden Lab rules).  We are very close to finally getting the youth students on there, but not within the week, sorry.  However, there is a good possibility they may finally be there by the June Solstice!  We'll keep our fingers crossed!

In a Hurry???  To get to various points on the virtual campus and basic instructions, go to the Marauder's Map thread here: and click on the appropriate hyperlink!!!  See you there!!

The Schedule is as follows: (May be changed the day of & All times are GSW/PST/Inworld time)


6pm welcome and introductions - Prof. Salient (At the Elemental Ritual Circle Bonfire)

7-9pm - Bardic/Lore Circle - Prof. Anne Duthers & Prof. Salient (At Elemental Ritual Circle Bonfire)

*Bring musical instrument if you play something* hint, hint!

9pm End (Because East Coast USA starts logging off after midnight their time)


"Sabbat Down Under - Samhain"

3-4am Workshop and Roundtable discussion about Death and Dying - Prof. Qumran Taj (At the Hallows)

4-5am Remembering the ancestors - Prof. Salient (Hallows)

5-7 Breakfast/Coffee Break (The South goes to sleep, the North wakes up)

"Sabbat Up Over - Beltaine"

7-8 History & customs of Beltaine - Prof. Salient (At the Trails at the Cabin)

8-9 The Mythic Feminine & Mythic Masculine - Prof. Salient (At the Trails at the Cabin)

9-10 - Workshop "Intro to Geomancy" - Prof. Salient (Trails Cabin)

10-11 Lunch break

11-12 "Making a Witches Ball" - Prefect Emeritus Alexegram Hallowed (Outside Great Hall)

12-1 - Level-up ceremony for April's Level-ups - Prof. Salient (Inside the Great Hall)

1-2 - In-world "Real-time" Auction - Special items not on Auctions (Inside Trails Cabin)

2-3pm Maypole Dance - Prof. Salient (In the Trails Area)

3-4pm May Games & "Salient Says..." - Prof. Salient (Trails)

4-5pm Crowning of May Queen and May King & Royal Parade through the campus (Starting at Trails - ending in Great Hall)

5pm End of Conclave(Great Hall)

Sunday: (Not actually part of Conclave but worth mentioning)

2pm Lodge Quidditch Match "Winds vs. Stones" - Come fly or cheer them on! (Quidditch Pitch)

3pm 'Triple E' learning circle - come learn the basic of group esbat ritual! (Elemental Ritual Circle)

Tuesday, December 30, 2014 - 03:17 PM by Cala Gobraith

There's a new class up in Magickal Practises!

 Crystal and Stone Formulary 301

 Many thanks Professor Firelili! 

Wednesday, November 19, 2014 - 05:54 PM by Cala Gobraith

There's a new class up in Lifeways!  Four actually!

 Adult Leadership 100: A Guide to Becoming Prefect  (Lvl 1, 1c)

 This class, each taught by the different Lodge Heads, is designed to help adult students wishing to be Prefect know if the job is right for them. This class is open to all interested adult students. Please be sure to sign up for the section specific to your Lodge, as this is a chance for your Lodge Head and you to really get to know one another. You must have take this class to be considered for Prefectship. 

Saturday, September 13, 2014 - 02:47 PM by Cala Gobraith

Colours of Magick, Lvl 1, 1c, is now available in the Department of Wizardry.

 This class gives a brief overview of each of the 'colours' of magick here at Grey School, going over the different types of things that can be learned in each of the departments. 

 Thanks Professor Firelili! 

Saturday, September 13, 2014 - 10:08 AM by Cala Gobraith

There is a new class up in the Department of Divination!

 Path of the Seer: An Introduction to Divination  (Lvl 1, 2c)

Thanks Professor Roue! 

Wednesday, September 03, 2014 - 12:21 AM by Cala Gobraith

There is a new class up in the Lifeways Department!

Youth Leadership 101: Foundations.  (Lvl 1, 1c)  This class is for youth prefect-elects only.

 Thanks Professor Inaba! 

Sunday, August 17, 2014 - 04:15 PM by Cala Gobraith

There's a new class in the Department of Lifeways!


Leadership 100: So You Want to be a Prefect.

Level 1, 1c

This class is open to youth students only!!

 Thanks Professor Inaba! 



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