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9 Dec 2019, 1:31 pm

Department of Beast Mastery (Brown)

Department Dean:

Oberon Zell-Ravenheart


Oberon Zell-Ravenheart, Aaron "Frater Adservio" Meighen, Lyrus Knight, Nicholas Kingsley

(Illustration by Fred Fields)

Welcome to the World of Beast Mastery! This Department concerns everything to do with animals of all kinds—especially animal communication. Beast Masters include “horse whisperers,” animal trainers, pet psychics, and all people who seem to have an uncanny ability to communicate and work with animals. Beast Mastery includes knowledge of zoology and the lore of Totems. Beast Masters seek to know the names of all animals, as well as how they evolved, what they eat, their behaviors, lifestyles, mating rituals, and languages. The Lore of Magickal animals—such as Unicorns and Dragons—is also included in this Department.

It is the mission of this Department to provide skills in communicating with the animals and other nature spirits while learning to understand the environment that we share, with classes in animal communication, the lore of animals, magical animals, Totems, familiars, and more.

The color of magick in this Department is Brown, the most common color of fur and feathers, and represents all things soft and fuzzy. Brown Wizards often work in pet stores, animal hospitals, shelters or zoos; or become park rangers or wildlife rescuers. And always they are surrounded by critters—whether pets, farm animals, wild creatures or other “animal companions.”

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