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3 Oct 2023, 7:41 am

 "Headmaster Kingsley" , (Indigo)

Professor of Wizardry
Instructor of Wizardry, Natural Philosophy, Magickal Practice, Psychic Arts, Performance Magicks, Lifeways, Beast Mastery, Lore
Headmaster of the Grey School

Nicholas Kingsley has been a student of the Arcane and mysterious for nearly two decades with his passion and focus being Wizardry.  Having grown up with the Grimoire for the Apprentice Wizard as his constant companion, Headmaster Kingsley is considered by many a true Wizard at heart, and a child of the teachings endorsed by the Grey School. He was welcomed onto the GSW faculty in the summer of 2017 at the age of twenty three, becoming the youngest Professor to ever teach at the school.   Headmaster Kingsley's day to day is filled with teaching at the Grey School as a Professor in the department of Wizardry, serving faithfully as Headmaster of the Grey School. In addition to all this He has also been known to found the odd magickal orders and undertakes other such projects of intrigue as need be/whim demands. ​ In 2019 Headmaster Nicholas took on one of his more ambitious projects; locating and creating a physical space for the Grey School of Wizardry to thrive in! He managed to do so in october of that year with his Manor, "Highspire" located in Upstate N.Y. and nestled in the picturesque village of Whitehall, now serving as the official physical Campus for the school. After years of in-depth study as the personal Protégé of Oberon Zell, the School's founder, Nicholas received the Torch of Wizardry as well as the station of Headmaster on November 26th 2022, a position he holds to this day. Perhaps most importantly about a Wizard is their favorite quote and at the Headmaster's Request here is his:    “The Difference between a rock and a stepping stone, is how it's used."


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