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3 Aug 2020, 1:57 am

Coby Ward, (Green)

I am a seeker of the subtle connections hidden within the esoteric lore of the world’s ancient cultures. The occult, folklore, and mythology are the deep wells from which I have drawn knowledge for many years, weaving together the tapestry of my own spiritual understanding. I consider my self a practitioner of traditional witchcraft, an old-style magical practice based on natural magic, spirit work and pagan mythology. The natural world is the source of my magical inspiration, calling up primal spirits of root and bone, so that I may learn their secrets. I am well-versed in the green arts of occult herbalism , wortcunning and rootwork and walk the Crooked Path. This is where medicinal herbalism, plant alchemy and witchcraft intersect. I have always been a reader and a researcher, wanting to understand things on my own terms and make my own inferences. My studies have exposed me to a wide variety of traditional folk practices and esoteric beliefs, giving me a well-rounded perspective and grounding for my work. I am descended from Germano-Celtic peoples and those from the far North, so it is through the lens of my European ancestry that I have forged my spiritual practice. As an experienced gardener and novice herbalist, I combine my practical botanical knowledge with the large body of plant lore that I have amassed over the years to create a practice that is modern, but rooted in old-world witchery. Through the work of the alchemist and apothecary I create tinctures, oils and herbal formulas. The mixing and brewing of potions is an art form, and just as spiritual an experience as working directly with the unseen forces themselves. For me there is not a task more magical than standing over a brewing cauldron of arcane ingredients, marrying them together to transmute and give birth to a new and more complex entity. My primary area of study is in regard to traditional ritual entheogens, plants utilized for their ability to induce altered states of consciousness, to enhance memory and mental capacity and to bring about visions. The study of these plants historically associated with witchcraft, spirits and shamans gives insight into the way that these practices were understood in an earlier time before being influenced by Christianity. While many of these plants are toxic in nature, there are those that are all powerful medicines. Through an investigation of their chemistry, lore and action on the human psyche, one will discover an untapped vein of rich magical potential. By coming to intimately understand these plants and work with them as allies we deepen our understanding of the relationship between nature and spirit.


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