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3 Aug 2020, 1:51 am

Gina  "Cat" Cole, (Aqua)

Faculty Initiate

Cat Gina Cole was raised in a magical system by her mother and grandmother, was initiated by them at age 13. Her grandmother taught her Hedgewitchery, and wortcunning. Her mother was a progressive-minded Christian mystic that gave her interfaith morals, and belief in herself. Her education in the craft began at age 8 with authors such as Edgar Cayce, Marion Zimmer Bradley, Lobsang Rampa, Gavin and Yvonne Frost. In her early years she learned to commune with the Fae and nature spirits from the oak trees in the countryside where she lived. By the age of 18, Cat was adept in clairvoyance, personal gnosis, dream work, astral travel, mediumship, and had empathic skills. She used those skills in her work as a dual diagnosis counselor inspired by Judith Orloff's book Second Sight. Cat stepped into the public arena of Paganism at age 50 through Rowan Tree Pagan Ministries. There she began teaching and became an Ordained Pagan Minister and High Priestess. She ran RTPM as a public organization for five years then went non-public. It is now a private group known as the Coven of the Rising Phoenix where she teaches, is Priestess and Co- leader with Phaedra Bonewits


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