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20 Feb 2019, 4:22 pm

Tod  "Earthdrum" Lucia, BA, BS, M Ed (Grey)

Professor of Psychic Arts, Wortcunning, Performance Magicks
Dean of Faculty, Head of the Earth Elementals, Dean of Performance Magicks and Lore, Asst. Dept. Dean of Wortcunning

Professor Earthdrum, around age 14, experienced what he calls a "spiritual epiphany," through which his life underwent a drastic change. Experiencing an ever-growing thirst for knowledge he eventually completed eleven-plus years of college level education. And even now, after earning degrees in the academic areas of Sociology, Music, and Education (Science Concentration), he plans to complete a second Masters Degree, this time in Psychology. After graduating from his high school studies, Professor Earthdrum auditioned for and became a member of the United States Navy's Music Program. He graduated "First In Class" from the Armed Forces School of Music, and later went on to become a playing member of the U.S. Naval Academy Band, and the U.S. Navy Band, Washington, DC, respectively. He work as a professional military musician for almost a quarter of a century. It was during those years that he simultaneously completed all of his college studies, became an ordained Christian Minister, married his wife of thirty-seven years, raised a family of three children to adulthood, and then, in the middle of it all, in 1990, changed his spiritual path completely over to an Earth-based focus, eventually facilitating his own home-based Interfaith Temple in the State of Virginia, USA, (2002-2009). Professor Earthdrum has been working exclusively as a practitioner of Magick and student of the occult for 26 years now. His magickal studies and ritual working has covered many aspects of contemporary and ancient magick, with his favorites having to do with Egyptian Magick and European High Magick. His family heritage includes French Canadian, English, Irish, German, Italian, and Cherokee. Each of these cultures have deep and varied Pagan/Magickal traditions. Professor Earthdrum has drawn from them all. As a professional musician he worked, and still works, as an instrumentalist and teacher in the genres of Jazz, Rock, and Traditional Snare Drumming. In his earlier family life he and his sons became expert Martial Artists. He was a long distance/Marathon runner during a good part of his military career. And otherwise, he loves all things having to do with animals, the Earth, Cosmology, works of fiction, channeling, divination (Tarot and Dream Interpretation), science, Ufology, leading group drum circles, and good food and friends! His goals here at GSW are many fold: to teach magick, to complete a Journeyman's Degree (done!) in a number of areas of study, to aid various departments by the writing of classes, and to help oversee student interaction via House/Lodge activities. Currently here at GSW Professor Earthdrum is The Dean of Faculty (DoF), an instructor/class writer, Dean of the Performance Magick Department, Dean of the Lore Department, Head of both the Standing Stones Lodge and the Gnomes House, and a Prefect Emeritus for the Standing Stones' Lodge.


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