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21 Oct 2018, 9:16 pm

 "Tau Peristera" , PhD, MS (Black)

Professor of Dark Arts, Ceremonial Magick

Tau Peristera de Magdalene has been an active member of the pagan and occult communities for 25 years. She is an initiated member of several Western lines of hermeticism and ceremonial magick and an autocephalous Bishop and Priestess of the Universal Gnostic Tradition in the line of succession of the Neopythagorean Gnostic Church. She has served as a Deacon and Priestess of the Ecclesiastical Gnostica Catholica and initiator for the Ordo Templi Orientis (no longer a member). Tau Peristera has undergone guided study in European and African diasporic practices, hoodoo, herblore, rootwork, and what the old folk simply call “conjure”. She has spent 20 years studying and practicing Western Sex Magick and energy work. She has also been part of the Vampire and Otherkin communities since the early 90s. Her writings on blood magick, sex magick, and metaphysical kinship through energy exchange are published in Magick on the Edge and Vampires in Their Own Words. She holds a Master of Science degree in Mind-Body Medicine and a PhD in Humanistic-Existential and Transpersonal Psychology.


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