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GSW Clock Tower
6 Jul 2020, 12:48 pm

Lyrus Knight, (Brown)

Well met! I知 Lyrus, your friendly neighborhood Radagast. While I致e been a magickal practitioner for many years now, one of my greatest strengths and passions lay with animals. Growing up my house always had a furry, feathery or scaly friend lingering about. My parents, also fellow animal lovers, raised me alongside our many American Bulldogs, a rather large breed with a stubborn mind and a very loving demeanor. As I grew up I immersed myself in every facet of animal behavior available. I explored the nearby countryside absorbing everything about our local wildlife, assisted the stable master at a friend痴 farm, took frequent trips to my local zoo and eventually started volunteering at my local animal shelter. From body language to complex social structures I could never learn enough, particularly when it came to our domesticated companions. At the young age of 19 I started my career as a professional dog trainer/behaviorist and haven't looked back. As I began exploring the magickal aspects of animals I took all the lessons they had to offer and held them close. From the watchful, wise Great Horned Owl to the playful and intelligent bottlenose dolphin, I made it a point to encounter as many amazing creatures as possible. I sought to understand how each animal impacts us individually, collectively and spiritually. It was no surprise when my interests began branching out into cryptozoology. I often joke my second ambition in life is to find Bigfoot! My other passion and area of interest is in the Dark Arts. I知 a seasoned paranormal investigator, currently residing in the Pacific Northwest, very different from my Washington D.C. home. As a member of the Grey Wardens and First Watcher of the Watchers Order I use my occult knowledge and practice to aid those afflicted by paranormal entities. From banishing to discovering leaky pipes I enjoy all aspects of the paranormal. If I知 not being jumped on by puppies or wandering around in the dark with a Mel Meter you値l often find me out exploring the woods and strolling down the beach. I'm very much an explorer and traveler, so don't be surprised if you hear I'm off on some adventure. When I manage to find time for leisure I値l often read books on defensive and/or ceremonial magick, although I知 known to pick up a good novel too!


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