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Welcome to the The Eastern Keep

House Heads:    Xenia Dragonseye    EmrhysStarhawk   

Within the Sylphs House you will find all of the students, aged 17 and under, who were born under one of the zodiacal 'air' signs- Gemini, Libra, Aquarius. These are all airy and intellectual signs full of imagination and loving harmony, beauty, ideas, and ideals.


Gentle Breeze

Cala Gobraith, 2007

A gentle breeze blows from the East,

dancing among the trees.

A soothing breeze, cool and dry,

wafting through the golden sky.

Wind dances among the trees,

herald to the Sylphae's coming.

Motes drift through the golden sky,

playful energy flowing.

Whispers herald the Sylphae's presence,

murmuring advice and aid.

Creative energy flows,

'round and 'round the glade.

Murmured advice, murmured aid

­shiver through the trees.

'Round and 'round the glen

invisible beings play.

Shivering through the leaves,

a flash of inspiration.

Unseen spirits frolic and gambol

in a gentle breeze that flows from the East.

As the first golden rays of dawn flood out of the east, you open your eyes to see the half-invisible archway shimmering in the air in front of you. Reverently you touch your fingertips to your forehead and then to the center of the arch. Yellow and white twinklings of light spread out from your fingers across its surface and a soft breeze begins blowing around you. As you step through the gate, you catch the scent of incense and hear a joyous symphony of birdsong. You have entered the home of the sylphs...

-- Prof. Brown, Head Emeritus

The Eastern Keep

High above the walls of the majestic Grey School castle, framed by the flaming yellow-orange hues of the Dawn, stands The Eastern Keep. The gray outer walls are draped in yellow banners boasting the crest of the Sylphs' House. No doorway can be seen for only those who hold the password of knowledge may enter here. Will the Sorting Staff impart the secret word to you? Find out.

Within these walls awaits our common room, The Tower, where you will find the company of your Housemates. The Keep is also where you will find the arcane wisdom of the Sylphs' Spell Book and The Book of Knowledge.

We call the Guardians of the East to watch over and protect this school.

We call the Sylphs of the Air to inspire our intellect and the pursuit of knowledge.

Let Dawn break. May the Light fill us!

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