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LifewaysI am extremely pleased to announce that the class "Rootskeeping 101: Scrapbooking for the Wizard" is back!

Thank you, Prof. Sapphire Soleil!

Brightest Blessings,

Prof. Rainmaker

Rootskeeping 101: Scrapbooking for Wizards

Lifeways (L1, 2cr)

Sapphire Soleil

Introduction and Syllabus

Scrapbooking. Gone are the days of taping some photos into a blank
book. Today the scrapbooking industry does billions of dollars worth of
business annually. As a creative outlet, scrapbooking is a great way to
express yourself, preserve a memory and not have to worry about your
ability to sketch or paint. But how can such a craft help an aspiring
wizard learn and grow in The Craft? Oh, in so many ways!

The craft of scrapbooking is not just a way to put down a record
of things that have gone by, but a way of continuing the exploration of
the subject of the page. If you haven’t already started one, you will
soon start a magickal journal. I am the first one to admit I’m rubbish
at keeping a journal! Only through exhaustive studies here at Grey
School of Wizardry have I found a style of journal keeping that I
actually like and will do. But a scrapbook can be so much more than
just a journal of thoughts. It is a record of events, a creative
outlet, an exercise in organizational ability and editing! It is a
wonderful source to track your development and a way to give voice to
your inner-self.

In this course we will explore some of the nuts and bolts of
scrapbooking. Tools, tips, and tricks will be examined as well as some
basics that need to be considered before starting any scrapbook page,
not the least of which is where you are going to put the page when you
are finished! At the end of this course, you will have at least two
pages to start your own wizardly scrapbook. And trust me, not so many
years from now, you will enjoy reviewing those pages and seeing how far
you have come!

Class Objectives

1. To discover the different types of scrapbooks available

2. To learn the general tools used in scrapbooking

3. To learn the basics of organization

4. To discover a few way of looking at design and composition of a scrapbook page

5. To learn how to bring all the elements together into one cohesive unit

6. To learn ways to protect your art when finished.


#1—Keeping Mementoes

#2---So Many Books, So Little Time. Types of Albums

#3—Tools of the Trade


#5—The Rule of Three (No, not that one) and other design concepts

#6—Putting it Together. Some ideas on the creative process of scrapbook development

#7—Final Project and Final Exam


Requirements—Students will
need access to a craft store that carries scrapbook supplies. They will
need to purchase materials to create at least four pages and should
also purchase or own a place to hold those pages (an album). Cost will
depend on the student’s design. It might be as little as $10 or as much
as $40+! The student will need a camera or a scanner to send pictures
of their finished product to the instructor.


Safety— Scrapbooking uses
sharp cutting tools like scissors and paper cutters and caution is
advised. Also, some students might use permanent ink pens which will be
permanent on more than just paper. Small embellishments could be a
choking hazard to small children and animals. Please use common sense
when working with scrapbook supplies and watch out for paper cuts.



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