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Natural PhilosophyI am extremely pleased to announce that my newest class is available in the Department of Nature Studies.

Brightest Blessings,
Prof. Rainmaker

Treecosystems 201
L2, 2c
Teacher: Rainmaker
Description: Trees are not just an important part of the ecosystem of which we humans are a part, but they can also form their own ecosystems that include everything from mammals and birds to fungi and single cell organisms that live in the shared environment of the tree. 
Prerequisites: None.
Materials: Access to the book “The Great Kapok Tree” by Lynne Cherry. You don’t need to own the book, as it is readily available in most libraries. 
Outdoor observation tools: magnifying glass, ruler, measuring tape, camera, notepad and pencil (bring a nice long one) for recording.
A tree to observe, either in your backyard or in a nearby park (must be a naturally growing tree!).
A dead tree log or branch to observe, either in your backyard or in a nearby park.
Safety Precautions: None.
Time: 4 weeks.
Lesson 1: Trees as Part of Our Ecosystem
Lesson 2: Trees as Individual Ecosystems
Lesson 3: Tree Communities
Lesson 4: Tropical Rainforests: A Global Ecological Wonder
Lesson 5: Even After Death …
Lesson 6: Conclusion



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