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"The Grey School now offers classes to assist students in their preparation for the GED, which is administered by the American Council on Education."

The following classes are available:

GED 101: Introduction (Wizardry)

GED 102: Writing (Wizardry)

GED 103: Math Part 1 (Mathemagicks)

GED 104: Math Part 2 (Mathemagicks)

GED 105: Reading (Wizardry)

GED 106: Science (Alchemy and Magickal Science)

GED 107: Social Studies (Wizardry)

The class GED 101 is a pre-requisite for all other GED classes, but once a student has taken that class, the subject specific classes may be taken in any order. In addition to each subject-specific GED class, students will have to concurrently enroll in other Grey School classes to practice the skills learned in the GED class.

Students are required to purchase a GED textbook (one textbook for all 7 classes) as specified in the "required materials" section of each class. The cost of the textbook should be around $20.00 or less.

A specialized minor in the Department of Wizardry is available and requires students to pass their GED. The specifics for the minor will be posted soon.

Disclaimer: Completion of the GED classes is not a guarantee that students will pass their GED.

Brightest Blessings,

Prof. Rainmaker



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