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20 May 2019, 2:11 am
Tuesday, June 12, 2012 - 05:22 AM

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I am extremely excited to announce that a new class is available in the department of Wizardry. Well done, Prof. Amycus Kragge!


Brightest Blessings,

Prof. Rainmaker 

The Invisible Wizard

Department: Wizardry

Teacher: Amycus Kragge

Level: 3

Credits: 2

Materials: None

Prerequisites: None

Completion: 4 weeks

Description: The wizard moves in the shadows, disappears into the landscape, and emerges as
in a dream. In this class the apprentice wizard will learn the principles and applications of invisibility.

Cautions: Respect others’ rights to privacy and personal property. Attempting to disappear may be
construed as prowling or attempted burglary if done outdoors. Wearing hoods or
masks may also be illegal in public in your state or country, check your local

Class Lessons:


Lesson 1: About Invisibility

Lesson 2: Invisibility through Exploiting Hypo/Hyper-Attention

Lesson 3: Invisibility by Exploiting Sensory Weaknesses and Misdirection

Lesson 4: Invisibility Using Light and Shadow

Lesson 5: Invisibility by Crypsis and Camouflage

Lesson 6: Magickal Invisibility




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