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About the Grey School of Wizardry

Omnia vivunt, omnia inter se conexa
(Everything is alive; everything is interconnected-Cicero)

  • Would you like to learn more about magick, Wizardry, and mysterious arcane lore?
  • Are you intrigued with astrology, divination, dragons, alchemy, astronomy, or rituals?
  • Would you like to learn to shape a wand, cast a spell in Latin, or grow your own magical herbs?

  • The Grey School of Wizardry ( is an outgrowth of the Grey Council, an assembly of two dozen mages and sages, all of whom inspired the school's curriculum and several of whom continue to serve on its faculty. Grey School faculty members come from a number of different countries and follow many different paths. Although their magickal orientations and perspectives are often unique, they all hope to spark the imagination, beauty, and power of the minds of seekers everywhere. Together, the faculty has brought the best lessons from many of the magickal community's most respected elders and teachers into the Grimoire for the Apprentice Wizard (New Page, 2004) and the sequel Companion for the Apprentice Wizard (New Page 2006), both written and compiled by Oberon Zell-Ravenheart.

    The Grimoire represented the first phase of a long-range vision to make available the wisdom of the ages for a new generation and a new millennium. It is both an essential handbook of apprentice-level Wizardry and a basic textbook for a full seven-year academic curriculum of Wizardly studies. Thus, its lessons begin simply and become more complex as students advance.

    The second phase of the grander vision was the creation of an online School of Wizardry as a larger context for magickal teachings.

    After months of work and preparation, the Grey School of Wizardry opened to students on Lughnasadh (August 1) 2004. Its motto is: Omnia vivunt, omnia inter se conexa ("Everything is alive; everything is interconnected"—Cicero). The Grey School was incorporated as a non-profit Educational Institution in California on March 14, 2004, and on September 27 of 2007, the School received a 501(c)(3) tax exemption from the Internal Revenue Service for charitable and educational purposes. The Grey Council continues to serve as an Advisory Board.

    It should be understood that the Grey School is a secular institution of learning, not a religious one. Wizardry is not a religion, and Wizards are not religious functionaries or clerics. Wizardry (literally, "wisdom"), like philosophy ("love of wisdom"), science ("knowledge"), medicine, etc. is a calling or vocatoin, but not a profession of faith. Historically, Wizards have been found in all cultures, and all religions. Therefore, although some classes address mythology and comparative religions, the Grimiore, Companion, and school philosophy focus on magick rather than spirituality.

    Designed for youth and adult students aged 11 or older, the Grey School provides an extensive program of apprentice studies over a full spectrum of Wizardry and Magick. Those who complete a course of study culminating in completion of a Departmental Major are certified as "Journeyman Wizards."

    A new "Magister" program allows adult students to take an unlimited number of classes at the Grey School from all levels without the constraints of the Apprenticeship program. Magisters will not be eligible to receive a Journeyman Certificate, but will be able to enjoy most aspects of student life at GSW.

    In the Grey School, classes are developed and taught by members of the faculty and by occasional guest lecturers. New classes and features are added continually—as of January 2010, more than 325 classes are available!

    Sixteen "colors" of magick have been designated as Grey School "Departments" for Majors and Minors. Each Department is headed by a Dean and includes professors, instructors, and classes. The Departments and the College of Deans are led by the Dean of Studies. Other Administrative Deans are the Dean of Faculty, the Dean of Students, and the Dean of Resources. Founder Oberon Zell-Ravenheart serves as Headmaster.

    The sixteen Departments and colors are:

    1. Wizardry (indigo)
    2. Natural Philosophy (silver)
    3. Magickal Practice (gold)
    4. Psychic Arts (aqua)
    5. Healing (blue)
    6. Wortcunning (green)
    7. Divination (yellow)
    8. Performance Magicks (orange)
    9. Alchemy & Magickal Sciences (red)
    10. Lifeways (rose)
    11. Beast Mastery (brown)
    12. Cosmology (violet)
    13. Mathemagicks (clear)
    14. Ceremonial Magick (white)
    15. Lore (grey)
    16. Dark Arts (black)

    Besides its academic focus, the Grey School students and faculty provide a thriving interactive magickal community. Youth students (ages 11-17) are sorted into Elemental "Houses" (Salamanders, Gnomes, Undines, and Sylphs) based on their astrological Sun sign, while adult students (age 18 and older) are likewise directed into Elemental "Lodges" (Flames, Stones, Waters, and Winds). These compete via academic credits and merit points for the "House Hat" and the "Lodge Cup," which are awarded semi-annually at the Equinoxes.

    Each House and Lodge has a faculty Head to moderate discussions, introduce activities, etc. Each House and Lodge also has a student Prefect, a position awarded to students who exemplify academics, attitude, and enthusiasm. The student body is further led by House and Lodge Captains; selected from the pool of experienced Prefects, the Captains are an esteemed combination of student body president and "Head Boy/Girl." The Administrative Dean of Students oversees all student activities.

    The Grey School works via a series of interactive school pages and forums. Clubs are available to students who wish to delve deeper into specific focus areas. A library-in-progress includes reading lists, archived materials, and links to on-line articles and encyclopedias. Special forums provide everything from an online Bardic Circle, to All-School Challenges, to the latest edition of the student-produced school newspaper, Whispering Grey Matters.

    In addition to the online work, some "in person" activities are also available. During the summer months, regional outdoor summer camps called "Conclaves" allow students and faculty to come together for up to a week of classes, hikes, campfires, and more. A few faculty members offer hands-on internships, in-person classes in which students can practice skills like astronomy and gardening. In several cities, Grey School students have organized "meet-up" groups that get together once a month or so for various magickal activities. And at the large magickal gatherings of Pantheacon and Starwood, Grey School faculty members have held panel discussions and presentations every year since 2004.

    The long-term Vision for the Grey School includes developing a college-level program of Journeyman studies culminating in a Master's degree; and a university-level program for an Adeptus degree. We also hope to acquire a physical campus, such as a castle, a monastery, or a retreat center—with residential facilities for both students and teachers. To this end, grant proposals are being prepared, based on Headmaster Oberon's visionary essay, "Esoteric Education: Restoring the Wonder."


    Grey School Administration:
    Oberon Zell-Ravenheart, Headmaster
    Grey School of Wizardry


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