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3 Oct 2023, 8:04 am

Department of Lifeways (Rose)

Department Dean:

"Dean Meighen"


"Dean Meighen" , "Instructor Ferraz" , "Dean Kayser" , "Headmaster Kingsley" , "Dean Lafountain" , "Instructor Alvarez" , "Dean Stefanowicz"

Welcome to the World of Lifeways! This Department addresses aspects of the Apprentice's personal life as well as the building and maintaining of relationships. 

It is the mission of this Department to orchestrate the highest degree of personal growth and self-directed learning toward becoming a productive member of humanity. Such learned skills and knowledge are essential to any level of wizardry, measured in the positive results the Apprentice has on others, and in the development of personal awareness and presence. Special knowledge and skills include goal setting, research, organization, record keeping, scheduling, commitment, communications and critical analysis.

The magickal colour of this Department is Rose. Like copper, rose is also a colour of Venus. Copper is related to the agrarian aspects of Venus—plants, fertility and growth are the common associations. Rose is more related to the emotional and spiritual aspects of Venus; specifically the emotional love of one’s self and others. Rose is the colour for all our relationships with other people—and especially those involving family, love, intimacy, and romance.

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