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11 Dec 2023, 2:04 pm

Department of Mathemagicks (Clear)

Department Dean:

"Headmaster Kingsley"


"Professor Opsopaus" , "Dean Meighen" , "Instructor Ferraz" , "Dean Kayser" , "Instructor Barry" , "Dean Stefanowicz"

(Illustration by Miles Pinkney)

Welcome to the World of Mathemagicks! The Pythagorean Mysteries laid the foundation for all mathematics; particularly arithmetic, geometry and music. Their motto was: “All is Number.” According to Pythagoras, everything in the universe is based upon the same fundamental “blueprints” created by geometric patterns that repeat over and over in an endless dance of sound, light and color. These patterns form a matrix of grid energy derived from a central source. They create the entire natural world, and allow us to experience duality, emotions, linear time, and all the reality we experience. In this Department are included sacred geometry, numerology, and chaos theory magicks.

It is the mission of this Department to help students acquire the essential skills, both practical and theoretical, to understand and use number and form in their magickal work, and to comprehend the esoteric mathematical foundations of the universe. Our class topics will include Pythagoreanism, the archetypal numbers, numerology, gematria, sacred geometry, esoteric mathematics (elementary and advanced), the I Ching, chaos magick, and the esoteric Quadrivium (arithmetic, geometry, music, astronomy).

The color of magick associated with this Department is Clear, reflecting the transparency with which all creation is suffused with magickal formulae—underlying everything, but invisible to all but the imagination.

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