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3 Oct 2023, 7:23 am

Department of Ceremonial Magick (White)

Department Dean:

"Dean Meighen"


"Professor Opsopaus" , "Dean Meighen" , "Dean Lafountain" , "Instructor Alvarez"

(Illustration by the Brothers Hildebrandt)

Welcome to the World of Ceremonial Magick! Originating in the 17th and 18th Centuries within secret magickal orders, Ceremonial Magick is based upon both the Qabalah and the Hermetica, along with Neo-Platonism and Oriental doctrines. In its highest sense, Ceremonial Magick is a transcendental experience that takes the magician into mystical realms and into communication with the Higher Self. It awakens the magician to the God within. This Department covers all forms of rites and rituals, for all purposes.

It is the mission of this Department to help the student acquire the essential skills, both practical and theoretical, to conduct effective Ceremonial Magick and to achieve the personal spiritual development afforded by these magickal systems. Classes in this department depend on many of the concepts and techniques taught in other Grey School Departments, and the Ceremonial Magick Department, in return, teaches the lore and art of the great magickal orders. Our class topics will include the Hermetica, Qabalah, Neo-Platonism, theurgy, medieval grimoires, Renaissance magick, angelic operations, ceremonial technique, magickal tools, the Golden Dawn and other magickal orders, and invocation, evocation & banishing.

The color of magick for this Department is White, used for all types of ceremonies and rituals. The color of purity, white represents friendship, the Moon, Monday, infancy and the sign of Aries. Crystal white is the color of sincerity, divinity, transformation and singular focused sounds such as a gong or bell. White is also the color of The Goddess, and so used in all forms of blessings.

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