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3 Oct 2023, 8:17 am

Department of Dark Arts (Black)

Department Dean:

Lawrence "Arakeane" Shirley


"Dean Meighen" , "Instructor Ferraz" , "Dean Kayser" , "Dean Lafountain" , "Instructor Alvarez" , "Dean Stefanowicz"

(Illustration by Fred Fields)

Welcome to the World of the Dark Arts! The simplest form of Low Magick is sorcery, in which a physical act is performed to achieve a result. Sorcery forms the bulk of folk magick, and is often referred to as “Black Magick” or “the Dark Arts.” An important aspect of this Department are the Classes in Defense. Also included here are “Children of the Night,” such as Demons, Ghosts, Vampires, and Werewolves.

The Department of Dark Arts in the Grey School of Wizardry is a community of teaching Wizards dedicated to providing the apprentice with the highest quality education in occult knowledge appropriate to their level of development. We accomplish this task through the most effective online pedagogic methods available. It is the mission of this Department to inform and equip the student in three main areas: understanding the basics of low magick, or sorcery, and its applications; learning the history and traits of creatures and beings traditionally considered "dark," in cooperation with the Departments of Beast Mastery and Lore; and warding the wizardly safety of theirself and others through Defense Against the Dark Arts as well as the understanding of other potential hazards of our practices and community. All of these are presented at levels deemed safe and appropriate for minors by our Faculty and Administration.

The color of magick associated with this Department is Black, relating to constricting, binding and Saturnian energies. As the color of night, black represents foreboding, fortitude, and consistency because of the need to “make it through the darkness.” Black is sometimes used as a protective color for magickal tools—especially handles and wrappings. It is also used when trying to banish a bad habit, turn negativity, or make drastic life changes. Black is also, of course, the color of Sorcery and the “Dark Arts.”

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