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11 Dec 2023, 1:12 pm

Department of Wortcunning (Green)

Department Dean:

"Dean Ravensong"


"Dean Meighen" , "Dean Ravensong" , "Instructor Ferraz" , "Dean Kayser" , "Instructor Mitchell"

Welcome to the World of Wortcunning (“herbal wisdom”)! This is the old word used for the knowledge of the secret properties of herbs, and this has always been a particular study of the Wise. Wortcunning includes all aspects of herbal lore and plant magicks. This Department also covers practical work—such as Gardening and Kitchen Witchery.

It is the Mission of this Department to equip the Apprentice with a solid foundation in the knowledge and mastery of all aspects of herbal lore and plant magicks, from myth to method, including practical applications as well as folklore. As a long-standing Tradition of Wizardry, the Art of Wortcunning equips Wizards with tools beneficial in both the magickal and mundane aspects of daily life. Our concerns include, but are not limited to; knowledge, healing, safety, food as medicine, ecology and living in harmony with Earth.

The color of magick associated with this department is Green, representing the Element of Earth. Green is the color of vegetation, as in gardening and herbalism; fertility and prosperity. Hope, joy, delight, growth and change are all aspects of green. Forest green is connected with fertility, the body, courage and classical music or wilderness sounds. Ivy green represents the emotional aspects, coping with grief, cliffside ponderings, and hushed music or silence. Pale green, as in the color of new grass, aids the healing process.

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