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6 Apr 2020, 7:00 pm

Department of Divination (Yellow)

Department Dean:

"Ambika Devi"


"KatyRavensong" , Andrew "GoldenEagle" Arreco, Alex "Emrhys Starhawk" Lafountain, "Xenia Dragonseye" , "Ambika Devi"


Divination is the subtle art of
deciding the future,
determining fate, of rolling the
dice and taking a gamble.
Divination is the art of
dancing with Destiny, be it by cards,
dice or cloudy crystal orb.

Welcome to the World of Divination! This is the art of foretelling or predicting the future; or discovering things that are lost, hidden or secret. Although not all seers were Wizards, all Wizards are expected to be seers. Many ancient peoples were completely obsessed with divination, and would hardly make a move without consulting diviners, seers, oracles or prophets. Unusual occurrences, such as disturbing dreams and omens, were also given divinatory meanings—this is where we get our word ominous. Over the ages, seers have devised many techniques of divination—called the Mantic Arts (from mantis, meaning “diviner”).

It is the mission of this Department to provide skills in the divination arts, the arts that allow the Wizard to ‘predict’ the future by addressing Divination as both an art and a skill, with classes dealing with subjects such as runes, oghams, scrying, Tarot, dowsing, palmistry, dream interpretation, augury, and numerous other methods.

The color of magick for this Department is Yellow, which represents the Element of Air. Yellow is associated with mental work; meditation, will, intellect, divination and communication. Another version of gold, yellow is the color of friendship, goodness and faith. Yellow (or sometimes a very light yellow-green) is associated with Wednesday, the planet Mercury, the sign of Taurus and the 3rd (Solar Plexus) Chakra. Golden yellow is the color of charm, trust, Summer, bright sounds such as children’s laughter, and upbeat music. Pastel yellow tends more towards Spring, psychic endeavors and creativity. Yellow is a terrific color to improve balance, self-esteem, charisma, divination and creativity. Use it also for strength of will, vitality, purpose and effectiveness.

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