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30 Mar 2023, 4:33 pm

 "Xenia Dragonseye" , (Violet)

Instructor of Wizardry, Natural Philosophy, Magickal Practice, Healing, Wortcunning, Performance Magicks, Lifeways, Cosmology, Mathemagicks, Lore, Dark Arts
Head of Lodges

Xenia Dragonseye joined the Grey School of Wizardry in June 2016 as an apprentice and and earned her Journeyman Certificate with a Major in Lifeways and two minors in Cosmology and Healthy Living. Not only has this talented Wizard been a proactive member and prefect of the Society of the Four Winds during her time as an Apprentice but she showed some truly Winds Lodge Spirit when graduating magna laude from the Grey School of Wizardry in 2017. After a fantastic and engaged career as an Apprentice, Xenia became a faculty member in February 2017 and took on the role of leading the lodge she was once a part of as the Head of Lodges. A Wizard of many talents, Dean Dragonseye holds a PhD in Linguistics, allowing her a most Wizardly perspective when it comes to the spoken word in its many forms. In addition to her PhD, Dean Xenia works diligently to provide a place of purpose and learning in her day job managing an office at a university. For homelife, Dean Xenia is married to a devoted husband who is also a Wizard, and together they have a beautiful daughter who fills their lives with magick wonder


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