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26 Jan 2022, 8:56 pm

 "Ambika Devi" , BA, BS, MA, PhDc (Aqua)

Professor of Psychic Art and Divination
Instructor of Natural Philosophy, Magickal Practice, Psychic Arts, Healing, Divination, Lifeways, Mathemagicks
Dean of Faculty

Welcome seeker and explorer, I am Professor Ambika Devi, Dean of Psychic Arts here at the Grey School of Wizardry and I welcome you to the mystical domain of the Psychic Arts. Here you achieve awareness of and build a strong foundation in the unseen realm of existence. The Department of Psychic Arts is rooted in meditation in which we now offer a major and minor tack. Through self-study in the practice of meditation, you gain an understanding of energy in all its forms. This is integral in the practice of Magick and Wizardry as well as taming the mind. Studies include Mystery School teachings of the Far East, Dreamwork, trance, creative visualization, psychokinesis, and telekinesis. My teaching is built on years of rich training in a multitude of yoga and meditation styles and I began my study at age seven. I then went on to begin teaching as a teen in 1977. I believe that meditation is an integral practice and connection to the Universal Life-force and essential in the practice of Magick. I use techniques of breath, sound, writing, drawing, and traditional seated meditation to give students the experience of being timeless. This inspires the realization of happiness, feeling healthy, being full of vitality, and supercharges any magickal practice. I am an award winning writer with books of poetry, self-enrichment, and a novel published by my company Mythologem Press. My titles include: Lilith, Unfolding Happiness, and The Wizard and The Wrench. My education includes: a Masterís degree in Yoga Vedanta, a BFA and Teaching Degree from UArts, a BS in Astrology from NorthStar College of Astrological Studies, and a title in TCM Meridian Therapy. I am a Reiki III High Master and a Shiatsu Master of Soku Riku. My additional training includes: Reflexology from the International School of Foot Reflexology, Eriksonian Hypnosis, and NLP. I am currently conducting Doctoral research for a PhD in Meditation. I love divination and am also a professor of Astrology for Grey School of Wizardry. I picked up my first deck of Tarot cards at the age of 7 and began reading professionally in 1972. As a Master Astrologer I have worked for the JW Marriott Revive Spa in Scottsdale, Arizona, appeared on TLC The Learning Channel as a relationship expert, and guided a sales team for IBM over the course of six years. I continue to advise high profile clients from around the globe and make regular radio and TV appearances. My mission is to teach humanity through the medium of meditation and primordial sound that there is no such thing as time that we are all one, and that LOVE is the only way!


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