The Grey School

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GSW Clock Tower
7 Dec 2022, 11:10 pm

Andrew  "Guasón " Bayless, (Grey)

Instructor of Wizardry, Lore

A devotee of Hermes and Dionysos, Markos Guasón has traveled the path of the Fool and the Magician for eleven years by way of art, adventuring, testing the limits of his mind and body, and of course magick. He has crossed the North American continent many times and has even gone as far as Australia on his journey. He has studied under Dionysian gurus, free and accepted Masons, Antinoan lycanthropes, and a whole host of other walkers of the realms. His mission in life is to aid his community in living a more embodied and enchanted existence and to fight against the forces that would try to prevent this. He is eager to continue on his adventures and is confident that his career at the esteemed Grey School of Wizardry will be an invaluable part of his journey.


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