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3 Oct 2023, 6:56 am

 "Instructor Ferraz" , (Brown)

Instructor of Wizardry, Natural Philosophy, Magickal Practice, Healing, Wortcunning, Lifeways, Cosmology, Mathemagicks, Lore, Dark Arts

Iago Ferraz Wild, or simply Puck, is a Wizard residing in Brazil, leader of the Bode da Lunar Goat clan, fortune teller, writer, psychoanalyst and biologist (a frog music researcher!). Heathen, his way is oriented especially to Germanic Paganism, from which comes his philosophy, code of honor and his main style of magick: the Galdr. Although his Gods took him to the North, he grew up with many references from Afro-Brazilian religions, gypsy culture, from his coexistence with native shamanism and from modern witchcraft/neopaganism, and so on. In his teens, he was the first Brazilian student at the Grey School of Wizardry, being student prefect, and being part of the GSW staff after coming of age. Today he has a public work in the Brazilian pagan community, sharing wisdom, uniting the community and fighting religious intolerance, always seeking to awaken the magick in people's hearts and remember the name of the Ancient Gods and Spirits.


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