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3 Oct 2023, 6:26 am

Lawrence  "Arakeane" Shirley, BS, MS (Indigo)

Larry Shirley exploits the diversity of his religious and spiritual background to bring a unique perspective to the Grey School of Wizardry. His Baptist, Methodist, Evangelical, Thalamic, and Mormon history from his early years intermingles with his vast exposure to consciousness exploration and avant-garde spirituality, tempered by his various Wiccan experiences and mystical practices for the past 20 years. A Naval Officer, Engineer, Physicist, and Computer Scientist by trade, Larry interleaves his professional training into his quest for spiritual wareness and comprehension. Larry has been in the public Pagan forum since the late 80’s. Sometimes noted for his early work entwining diverse spiritual practices with Wicca, Larry has been an embarrassment to fundamentalists from many traditions for well over a decade. Larry’s recent work in psychic energy has captivated hundreds in his self-discovery classes. A Distinguished Toastmaster, off Broadway New York actor, trained in NLP, holistic healing, and a diverse set of other spiritual disciplines, Larry’s spontaneous entertaining style typically delights his students and challenges them to excel in their class work.


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