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7 Dec 2022, 9:48 pm

Sean  "FraterMTO" Carey, (Red)


Frater M.T.O. has been practicing ceremonial magic and alchemy for 25 years and has been a student of the mysteries for many more. As a magician, his greatest passion is for the Golden Dawn system of Magic. He has been studying and practicing the teachings of the Golden Dawn and has been an initiate for over 20 years. Frater M.T.O. is currently the Chief Adept of the Order of the Golden Dawn in the Outer headquartered in Denver Colorado. He also studies and works with many of the ancient Grimoires, including the Ars Goetia, The Keys of Solomon and Enochian Magic, among others. As an Alchemist, he has studied many classical works of alchemy, as well as more contemporary alchemists, particularly those of Frater Albertus, Jean DuBuis and Dennis William Hauck. He specializes in Herbal and Mineral Alchemy but is also well versed in Animal and Spiritual Alchemy. His courses on Alchemy have seen thousands of students and graduates. He currently has two books published on Alchemy, with several more books on Alchemy and Magic due out in the near future. He worked in Information Technology for 30 years and now lives a nomadic lifestyle, travelling around the country with his partner and children, while they explore the magic and spirits of the land.


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