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Grey School of Wizardry FAQs (frequently-asked questions)

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How do I access my Lodge?

To access your Lodge page on the GSW site, find the section labeled "Student's Area" on the left side of the GSW website. Click the link "Lodge Page" to view your Lodge page.

To access your Lodge forum, click the link "School Forums," also in the "Student's Area" section. Your Lodge forum will be located under the Lodge Forums Section.

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Where and how will I submit my classwork?

Go to either the "My Account" or "My Classes" pages. In the "Class Information" or "My Classes" section, you will see three headings: Approved Classes, Pending Classes, and Completed Classes. Click on a class name in the Approved Classes column to view the material and assignments for that class. The "Tests for this Class" section show the assignments and tests you are approved to complete and submit. Click on the assignment title in bold text to see the assignment that is currently due. You'll also see (Waiting for student answer) to the right of the assignment's approval date. Wait for the essay editor to load, then enter your response to the assignment.

If you write your assignment in another program and paste it into the editor, be sure to strip out any extraneous html tags. The simplest way to do this is to paste the assignment into Notepad first, then copy it from Notepad into the essay editor. This removes all formatting.

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Will I have to move to take classes at Grey School of Wizardry?

All of our lessons and coursework are available from your student page on our Grey School website and virtual campus classrooms. There is no need to move, your Wizardly studies are available where ever you have internet connection. 

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Who is responsible for awarding merits and how do they get posted to your Lodge?

Generally speaking, the head of your house or lodge would award the merit points. However, there are some situations where another member of staff or faculty would award those points. For example, if you attended one of the Grey School Conclaves, it's assumed that the Wizard in Charge (WiC) would award the merits. Merits for participation in a challenge of any kind would be awarded by the person who initiated the challenge. The best policy is "when in doubt, check with your house or lodge head!"

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Why are my choices of classes still in pending status?

This is because the instructors for the classes you've chosen have not approved you for the classes yet. Faculty members are given a one-week period in which to respond to new class requests. Please be patient; faculty members donate their time to Grey School and sometimes that time can be limited. If you have waited more than a week for entry to a class, please email the professor.

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Can a student take classes from a lower level once they reach the next level?

Yes. Apprentices and Magisters alike can take classes from their current level and below. For example, if you're a level 3 student, then you would be able to enroll in level 1, level 2, and level 3 classes.

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Is it possible to change our login and residence information?

Yes. This information can be changed by contacting your House or Lodge Head.

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How do I discontinue my enrollment with GSW?

While we don't like to see people leave GSW, we understand the need to move on to other things. To discontinue enrollment at GSW, please contact the Dean of Students at  and they can start the process of dis-enrolling you.

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Where / how do we submit tuition payments?

Payments can be made in one of two different ways. One way is to use the PayPal Subscription option. This will automatically take the payment out of your PayPal account so long as the funds are available. Another way is to mail in your payment through the mail. You can do this by sending your payment to:

Grey School of Wizardry,
123 Poultney St.,
Whitehall NY 12887 USA

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How do I get sorted?

To get sorted into your Lodge, click the link on the My Account page that says "Read the introduction from our Headmaster and visit the Sorting Staff for Lodge assignment!!" This task will include letters from the GSW Administration and will end with a visit to the Sorting Staff which will sort you into your School Lodge!

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I remember reading somewhere that the Grey School is an official, legally recognized school. When doing my taxes, can I count my tuition to GSW as a deduction?

­­GSW is not an accredited school in any state, but is a 501(c)3 tax exempt o­rganization.­ Consult your tax advisor about the tax implications of tuition and/or d­onations.

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How do I request a test/exam?

If the test is a Multiple Choice test, then you will see a "Request Test" link next to the name of the test. Click this link and it will take you through the process of requesting the test. If the test is an essay, then the first essay is automatically approved. Subsequent essays are automatically approved when the previous one is graded.

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I'm not sure how to sign up for a class. Can someone please explain how you do that?

When you first log in to GSW, you are taken to your "My Account" page. The second section of this page is titled "Class Information." There is a link at the bottom of this section that reads "Sign up for classes." Clicking this link will take you to a new page that gives basic information about classes and includes links at the top for the different levels of classes. Next to the name of each class is a link, "Signup for Class." Click this link to request the class.

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How many credits per level are there?

You must complete 24 credits to move from one level to the next.

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