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15 Oct 2021, 8:47 pm

Topic: General Announcements

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Sunday, September 13, 2020 - 07:39 PM by Nicholas Kingsley

General Announcements
A message from Dean Starhawk:

Greetings Apprentices!
Our voting poll is now live on the Grey School Handbook. The Fall Equinox is fast approaching and that means a chance for new Apprentices to rise in the ranks and become leaders! This is a chance to let your voices be heard so head on over to the Grey School Handbook and cast your vote for who you would like to see represent you as a Prefect, Vice Captain, and Captain. Good luck to those Apprentices competing for leadership spots!
Dean Emrhys Starhawk
Dean of Students

Friday, May 15, 2020 - 08:06 PM by Nicholas Kingsley

General Announcements
Due to the Outbreak of Covid 19, the Grey School's 2020 conclave will be canceled. While this is unfortunate, we value the safety of our Apprentices and feel that this move is in the best Interests of all concerned. That said, our conclave team is more motivated than ever to create an amazing and memorable conclave for 2021 and looks forward to seeing everyone then!

Friday, May 08, 2020 - 03:40 AM by Nicholas Kingsley

General Announcements
Join Provost Kingsley for a fire side style chat about the State of GSW and Current events about Our school by clicking here to watch this Month's Candle-Side Chat.

Saturday, December 07, 2019 - 05:03 PM by Nicholas Kingsley

General Announcements

Greetings Apprentices and Magisters alike,
I hope that you are all staying warm and Wizardly this winter season.
I would like to let everyone know that we will be moving to the New forums as the Main School Forums on Jan 1st 2020.
A public announcement of this will be made during the Candle -Side chat later today (the 7th) through Facebook, although I wanted to let you here know what was happening first.
Please ensure that your new Forum Profile is up to date, a Bio is added, and that your profile picture is uploaded. If you're having troubles with creating an account, Click the "First time on the New forums?" button, located at the top of every forum page in white text.
These Forum accounts are approved every hour or so, and so I ask for your patience during this time of transition should account approval take a little longer than you would wish.
I'm excited to share in this new adventure with you all and I look forward to a great 2020!
Bright Blessings,
Provost Nicholas Kingsley
Assistant to the Headmaster

Saturday, July 20, 2019 - 07:10 PM by Nicholas Kingsley

General Announcements
Hear ye from the prefect office of the Stones lodge. I am coming forth to inform you of two wonderful challenges for mega merits. The first challenge is a request for services in mapmaking. The map to be made is the virtual campus. If you put forth an effort, you will receive a merit; if your map is deemed the
most efficient, you will receive 10 merits. The second challenge is an essay. The subject of this essay is the importance of wizardry in today’s world. The essay deemed the most knowledgeable, you will receive 5 merits and a special hazel wand made by Professor Kingsley.
Let us go forth into a day of mapmaking and essay writing. But we shall not abandon the other challenges that have been placed by other departments. There is a challenge for the department of Divination and the department of Psychic Arts. The lodge specific challenge is one of fascination,
literally. If you find your curiosity peaked by this fascination, roll your way to the forums and check it out.

It is also with much excitement that I announce the return of the Rolling Stone Award! The requirements will be the same as before. There is a post on the forums regarding this.


Remember: a rolling stone gathers no moss!
*Prefect Gemini*

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